Sunday, August 17, 2008

Working at Myra's Antiques & Collectibles

Helping Deb and Matt get a start at their new enterprise, I "volunteered" to work at Cornerstone Annex on Saturday nights during August in exchange for rent at Cornerstone proper.

I also worked Friday this week. Now, that's another 9-plus hours I spent in Myra's (aka Cornerstone Annex) after saying I'd never work there again after we pulled out of there at the end of June. There's something to be said for "never say never", because you end up feeling slightly foolish when you do the same thing again.

The Myra's that is the post-Cuba Myra's is cleaner and fuller, as Larry had his two girls put a lot of Mrs. Powell's things in there. Cuba's off to her new ventures down towards Connelly Springs. I wish her well; I heard the shop she's in now has had three failed businesses in there in the last few years. What town has not around western NC?

Business both nights was slow, slow, slow. Friday night had its usual amount of lookers - the car show brings people downtown. But they weren't in the mood to buy. Saturday was slow, with a trickle of people coming over from Myra's Italian restaurant.

There were bright spots - Eugene, the chihuahua, visited twice. Christine and Albert were next door. I got to drink Diet Mountain Dew. Leo was, as usual, an angel in disguise - showing up just when I needed him.

Off to read the Charlotte Observer.

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