Thursday, August 14, 2008

That Old Black Magic Cast-Iron Bean Pot

We have an Etsy item for sale that's very, very old: It is a used black cast iron covered cook pot and lid with a wire handle. "8, DO, Made in USA, 8" stamped proudly on the bottom of the pot. Inside of the lid: "10 1/4, 8".

The lid measures 10 1/4" across. The pot is 4" high. It will hold about a gallon (well, that's my guess.)

Condition is good - Mama was painting the kitchen the last time she made beans in it and there are a few white splatters on the lid. It needs to be reseasoned: I cleaned it good and rubbed in a tiny bit of pure vegetable oil, but you need to wash it down good, scrub with steel wool, and rub in some bacon fat and bake it for a couple hours at 400 degrees. There are a number of sites that'll tell you how to re-season cast iron. It was rusty when I got it, but they all get that way when they sit around.

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Kilandra said...

My mom has about 6 of these, she loves them, cooks in them almost on a daily basis! I was a camp director for 8 years, and that thing was my number one tool! You can't go wrong with a good old dutch oven, and yes, they can be salvaged when rusty!