Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beautiful Hawaiian Art - Scharart on Etsy

I'll let Schar Freeman speak in her own words:

"Since a child I wished to be an artist. My painting began with mud and berry juice when living in the Redwood forests of Northern California.

"My mother encouraged my passion with lessons at 12 yrs old I studied with a wonderful artist who taught me to see and feel, moving from empty space into a vision I held inside.

"I studied with individuals and in the 90's became a "Ghost Painter" for an internationally popular artist. It is here that I developed my style and skills especially in oils and production. I have not had a dry spell since. I have produced and sold over a thousand paintings of my own in two decades. My work has traveled the world and there are many collections in the USA as well as Europe.

"I have had much of my work published 1999-2009 with WeMoon Calendars and cards receiving international appreciation.

"My heritage is American Native, my people the Wintun of northern California and I draw upon the wisdom of my elders and the ancient ones that guide me.

"I relocated to this Garden Island, Kauai a decade ago after raising two incrediable sons and three husbands. A life-long dream of mine to live here and after visiting for 30 years, I made the move.

"I have vision in only one eye and each and every day I am blessed that I can see and create a landscape, develope a dream or image of a dancer which moves me. I create from my heart and paint the impressions of the beauty which continues to surround me.

"Being a cancer survivor (22yrs), a portion of every sale is contributed to American Cancer Society~Relay For Life."

Please click the title above to see Schar's work. I bought a piece as a birthday present for my husband, and we both enjoy it every day! You'll be inspired by this lovely woman's work and feel her spirit in every piece.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

How wonderful to learn more about Schar. She sounds like a powerful and passionate woman. I love stories where someone is following their dream!