Saturday, January 3, 2009

The monkey is sold

I'm posting this twice today on two different blogs, because I think it's interesting. (click on the title above to see the other blog).

I've been busy this week. We closed down our brick-and-mortar antique booth and carted home 15 boxes of items. Now, I have to go through and decide what to toss, keep, sell and give away.

Our last week we were selling items for 70% off. We sold all the furniture but one old table - pretty good since we had about 10 pieces. Even at 70% off, we at least broke even on most things and should get a nice cash infusion over all. Kinda like what those big stores are having to do, huh?

Among those items we sold was this little chalkware monkey. The man bought him in Jefferson, N.C., at a shop in January 2007. We thought he'd jump off the shelf. Well, not quite! But I didn't think it would take 70% off to sell him. Bye, Monkey!