Friday, August 22, 2008

Eugene, the cutest little chihuahua

My friends little 1 1/2 pound chihuahua, Eugene, got heat stroke yesterday. He's only 7 weeks old. He's at the vet getting an IV. I hope he lives. Such a cute little guy! (This is not his picture, but looks a lot like him. His ears are bigger, and he wouldn't wear a sweater for anything - too macho!)

He knocked over his water cup and was without water for a long, long time. They found him nearly dead when they got home last night. If he lives, he's coming to the shop with them from now on. Poor little Eugene (pronouned yew-jean here in N. C.).

Leo usually does not like small dogs. They are nervous and bark a lot. And they can run fast and stop on a dime. But he likes Eugene. Eugene has personality and spunk.

Oh, please, please pull through, little guy! He has big ears, little buggy eyes, and the biggest heart. Oh, my, poor little puppy.

UPDATE: Eugene made it through Friday night. The vet said he is depressed, but his bloodwork is good, except for low blood sugar.


Holly said...

Poor little baby puppy, it's so nice to know that he's okay.

TrishaRitchieNC said...

Thanks, Holly. Leo got to hold him a bit yesterday. Eugene licks Leo's hand and Leo slicks back his hair. They like each other a lot. I thought Leo was going to cry when he heard Eugene was so sock. Well, Deb is going to keep that puppy with her all the time from now on.