Sunday, August 10, 2008

Antique German Westminster Hotel Koln Mailed France to Vermont 1905 Postmarked Postcard

The address side says "Westminster Hotel, Koln" (which is Cologne, Germany). The back is filled with writing. "Dear Lilla, I simply cannot get time to write letters ..." and then goes on to write more than I'd usually write in a letter on the back of this postcard!

He or she is coming back from vacation in Germany "... we were on top of the Eiger Heischen in a pouring rain ...". My kind of fun!

One of those quick tours "...we were in Brussels only one day".

There are four postmarks. The first is in France and the final one is Vermont on August 21, 1905. I hope Lilla could read this better than I could.

You'll just have to buy it and read it all and let me know what the rest of it says!

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