Monday, August 25, 2008

Etsy August - Slow but Going!

We sell vintage items on a handmade site. Apparently thousands of other people sell vintage, too! I don't know the numbers, but there are 200,000 plus selling on Etsy now.

The first month was a partial month, but I had sales enough to cover my expenses. The second month was much better. I was really excited about the prospects.

This month, August, I have still had enough sales to cover expenses, for which I am greatful. But, it has been about 1/3 of July's business.

I cannot tell why exactly. I've got twice as much listed as I had in July, and branched out in variety. So, is it because of vacations? The fuel crisis? Bad karma?

I don't know, buy I'll just ride it out. I've dramatically increased blogging, hoping that would help. We'll see - September looms ahead!

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