Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Make Candy In the Summertime

We have a linen postcard "Greetings from Bantam Lake, Torrington, Conn." for sale on Etsy.

On the back is written (in part):

"...I'm discontinuing my candy for the summer..."

I wonder about this woman in the middle of World War II. Was it even possible to buy all the supplies she wanted for making her candy? Was it sensible, given war-time rationing?

Postmarked June 10, 1943, Winsted, Conn and sent to Minneapolis, Minn., with a cancelled 1-cent stamp.

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Kilandra said...

One reason to not make candy in the summertime is because of the high humidity. It changes how sugar reacts and such. But yes, candy making during WWII? Unless she had a stock pile of sugar or honey and the like, I don't see how it was possible at all, unless she had some kind of special permission from the Government, like maybe she was supplying the troops or some such. I absolutely love things like this, that is the history that I love and studied in college, the peoples history.