Friday, September 19, 2008

What I won't do for a customer!

Well, today we got an email from a customer asking for a postcard to be express mailed. And, not only did I read the email right way, I actually called the woman.

And we made a very hurried trip to the post office to send the postcard to the lady. See, she's in the postcard. And she's having surgery Monday for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.

Well, it just so happens that I was once told I had Ovarian Cancer. I was scheduled to have surgery on July 4th. I went in two days before for a pre-op ultrasound. The tumor had disappeared! The doctor was stunned!

But, I wasn't. I had prayed and asked for healing, so God healed me.

Now, the poor lady who is going to get the postcard tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm is also being prayed for. As well as the wonderful brother and sister-in-law who ordered the postcard to surprise her and make her feel better.

And, yes, they're all being prayed for. If not for healing, at least for Thy will to be done, sweet Lord Jesus!

And what this has to do with business is this: I'll do anything for a customer if it comes from my heart to hers. If God wills it!

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Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Patti,
There is such a magnificent power of combined prayer and knowing.
Mahalo for sharing this story.
malama pono,