Friday, September 5, 2008

Patti's Sunsets for Sale

I know it is the height of ego to call them "my sunsets". But, I did capture them with my camera, edit them carefully, get them professionally printed, catalog and list them.

So, click on the title above and go to my store and buy one! I've finally, tentatively, started listing them on Etsy. I'm so afraid none will sell. Well, if they don't, I'll have to start buying lots and lots of frames and enjoying them on my own walls.

Leo and I are charmed to live in a beautiful setting. During the winter especially, when the leaves are down, we see spectacular sunsets. Now, I'm a sunset aficianado. I've studied them for years in the midwest, southwest, northeast, the South. I think the ones we get here in Valdese, N. C. out our living room windows are as breathtaking as any I've seen anywhere.

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