Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor on Labor Day

I was thinking about what Labor Day means to me. Then I wondered what it meant to my parents, then to my grandparents. Here is a picture of Mom and Pop Stine, my Mom's parents.

Right now, my labor is about the same as it's been the last two years. After we got up this morning, we did about four hours of work on our eBay and Etsy stores. Then, during the day, we check now and then for sold items. Leo does the packaging and feedback. I'll help with relists.

My biggest labor is taking care of the crazy hound dog that has chosen to live with us. Plus, I cook and clean and do laundry - mundane kinds of things.

Pop Stine (William Arthur) was the oldest of 11 children. He and my Grandma (nee Huffman) also had 11 children. As family legend has it, Pop Stine missed 2 days work out of 50 years working for a furniture company in downtown Hickory, N. C. Those two days were for the funeral of his beloved wife, Maude.

Other than that, he worked every day. Now what makes this more remarkable is that he also kept up a 20-plus acre farm.

Now what makes all that remarkable is - he never owned a gas-powered vehicle. That's right - no car, no tractor - he even used a push mower.

Plus, he walked to work every day. Six miles one way. In rain or shine.

When they were young kids, the family rode to church in a fringe-bedecked surrey pulled by one horse. When I was growing up, Pop had two large draft horses who did his plowing.

Pop Stine knew the value of labor and what a relief Labor Day was - but it was a unpaid holiday, if his company bothered to keep it. Something to think about!

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A Valdese Blogger said...

Yep, my grandpa never owned a car. He either walked, rode a mule or in later years got a ride. He kept cows and had a mule to help with the plowing.