Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How valuable is email to you?

I was recently asked by CafeMSN to answer some questions about email, and thought I'd add it to the blog. (Click the Title (above) to read more about the Buddy Program.)

Here was the first question and my answers to it and other questions:

Each of us use, experience and expect different things from an email service. In what ways does an email service you use such as Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo Mail, help you get things done in your day to day life? Can you please reflect on it in your own words?

"An email service enables me to work from home. I could not accomplish my eBay or Etsy selling without email. I check it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
My life is much easier because of having an email service. I cannot imagine having to go back to telephone and USPS mail to do business. I cannot imagine having an online business without also having email.
The service I consistently use is the obvious - getting notifications from eBay, Paypal and Etsy about transactions and payments. I also like having a calendar associated with the email account. I use this to track payments due and for scheduling and remembering general life events. I like the combination of email and IM, so my IM plays a tune when I get an email."

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