Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman is dead

This is a sad, sad day. Paul Newman is dead at age 83 from cancer.

My connection with him is this:

Paul was a race car driver. He used to come up to Brainerd, Minnesota, to race in the summer. He rented a condo there. I worked with someone whose parents came in the week Paul was leaving. He told them "I left some stuff in the freezer, and hope you don't mind if I don't throw it out". They said "Sure, no problem!".

Turns out it was totally stocked with hundreds of dollars worth of the choicest cuts of meats. Things they'd never be able to afford! So that whole week they ate very, very well on Paul Newman's steaks.

Paul, pretty blue-eyed Paul, I miss you already. My heart goes out to Joanne Woodward and all the family.

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