Monday, October 27, 2008

eBay inappropriate links

We spent most of the weekend ending, editing and relisting 1600 items in our eBay store.

We created a totally legitimate url with Auctiva,,
that allowed a short hike to our eBay store. We had been putting it in listings for about six months.

Suddenly, Trust & Safety said it was inappropriate. They killed one listing on Friday night after 10 pm and sent us an email telling us they couldn't call us because it was too late to call.

So, we started in the tedious task of modifying 1,600 listings. We finished about 450 manually by 10 pm Saturday night.

We finally got the official phone call 8 pm Saturday night telling us this link, even thought it's to our store, is going outside of eBay and coming back in - a "redirect". So, it's got to be removed.

Sunday we finally gave in and used Turbo Lister for the last 1200 or so. Cost us around $30 to end and relist them, but it took a few more hours instead of two more DAYS.

I objected most to the time it took for them to tell us - SIX MONTHS - and then it was after 10 PM on a Friday night.

Oh, well, we're done and we'll have 1000+ listings ending in 30 days all at the same time!

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ps..sorry to hear of the headache incurred over @ Ebay with all that listing.